To encourage, enable and support Cystic Fibrosis patients to live beyond limitations of the disease.

Through our targeted programming, including athletic sponsorship, scholarship, mentoring, adventure activities, and fundraising efforts, Coach-Ed emphasizes healthy, active lifestyles for those living with CF.  We also aim to increase social awareness of CF and the benefits of exercise and teamwork as part of a responsible approach to treatment management. Our programs support this active lifestyle, while providing a sense of community, support, and as much levity and fun as possible.



Coach-Ed believes goal-setting is a fundamental tool for success – in life, health, academics, athletics, and career.  Goals are best achieved when frequently evaluated and shifted as necessary to meet changing circumstances, and to allow for successes along the way!  We commit to achieving our long-term vision and goals by continuing to carefully evaluate the needs and wishes of the community we serve.  As part of our dedication to teamwork, we want our supporters and participants to feel included in this goal setting process, and similarly committed to Coach-Ed’s vision.  To share your ideas or to become more involved, please contact our Director, Virginia Sayer Langloss at vsayer@coach-ed.org.


Coach-Ed is a national organization, based on the east coast of the United States. We accept applications regardless of location, but have a primary focus on the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions (as that’s where we’re local).

Clinics that we frequently partner with include the Albany Medical Center and Mt. Sinai/Beth Israel.

If you are interested in developing a connection between Coach-Ed and your specific CF clinic, contact vlangloss@coach-ed.org to discuss.


The Coach-Ed team strives to provide the best programs possible to help our participants be outstanding in different areas of their lives.

Athletic and adventure events

Group training and events

Mentoring and life coaching



We like to have fun, too! Past fundraisers and community events hosted by Coach-Ed have included:

NYC Half Marathon

Flywheel indoor cycling event

Flag football tournament


Happy hours and socials

A thank you lett er from one of our coach-ed community members, michael.

A thank you lett er from one of our coach-ed community members, michael.